LIVERMORE FALLS — Spruce Mountain High School students clapped, hollered and cheered each other on during relay races at the annual winter carnival Friday.

“It’s been a great day,” Principal Steve Leunig said. “I got toilet-papered this morning as part of a fundraiser by Jobs for Maine Graduates.”

The morning was filled with math games, cribbage, rock/paper/scissors, jeopardy and other competitive events.

With freshmen dressed in red shirts, sophomores in green, juniors in black and seniors in white, students did push-ups and sit-ups, tried to drop clothespins in bottles and shot free throws in relays.

Some students painted their faces in their class colors. Joni Freeman painted half her face white as she cheered on the green-shirted sophomore class. Wearing a black and white hat, junior Dustin Jones wore a black T-shirt with the school emblem of a Phoenix and the motto “Together We Rise.”

The event included students from both high school campuses in Livermore Falls and Jay. Winter carnival activities took place at both school campuses during the week.

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