Almost any under-utilized space in your home will work for a home office. Here are some of the more common spaces homeowners have set up home office.

Attics or Basements

Take a look at your attic or basement. See any place you could set up a home office? If it is not finished and has issues with water, temperature fluctuation and more, your attic or basement might not be a suitable place for a home office, especially one with a computer and other electronics. If it doesn’t have any issues, your attic or basement might be ideal. Just choose the best part, perhaps under a window, move in some furniture, set up some screens and make it a private space to work.


Take a look at the closets in your home. Spot one you could do without? Convert it to a home office. Clean it out and either set up a desk inside it or build one. Attach some 2x4s to the sides of the closet walls, set some shelves on top, and you’re ready to go. You can use the lowest shelf as a desk surface and the ones above for books and other office items. You can remove the closet doors or leave them be. That way, you can shut away your office and your mess whenever you wish.


Take a look around your home. See a neglected corner? Turn it into a home office with a desk, chair, file cabinet and whatever else you have space for. You can set up a home office in the corner of almost any room from the kitchen to your bedroom.


Take a look at your entryway. Could it serve the dual purpose of welcoming guests and doing paperwork? Move over that hall tree, slide in a desk, and you’ve got a place to work, a place for someone to sit and a place for guests to hang their coats.


Take a look at the hallways in your home. Have one that is rather wide or extra long? Tuck a home office into it. All you need is a bit of space for a small desk and chair. If there is a nook in your hallway, you might be able to build a desk into it.

Sofa Backs

Take a look at your sofa. Could you use a table behind it? Desks make great sofa tables. Rearrange the room, pull the sofa to the middle and add a small desk behind it to serve as both a sofa table and a home office.

Stair Landings

Take a look at your stair landing. Wouldn’t it make a great home office? Depending upon how large the space is, you might be able to have an easy chair for reading.

Home offices do not have to be large. You can set one up almost anywhere in your home. Look for under-utilized spaces, like nooks and crannies, then make the best use of the space to create the home office you’ve always wanted but never had the room for.

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