100 years ago, 1913
“Look out for your clothes lines,” says a Lewiston woman who has experience lately. And well you should look out for them, for she didn’t, and the next morning when she went out to get her clothes in, there were no clothes to bring. A few nights ago, Mrs. William Ferguson of 66 Ash Street looked out her window soon after hanging out her wash, and saw a man with an electric searchlight, going through the court to the next street or house. Several people in this vicinity have noticed, of late, that men have been groping about the yards and residents there are warned to be on the lookout, for some night they may lose their wash, clothes line and all.

50 years ago, 1963
Burglar alarms at three Lewiston banks sounded within a short period of time this forenoon at Lewiston police headquarters. There was no “cause for alarm,” however. Police Lt. Gerald Gilbert reported that the banks were experiencing difficulty with the transmission lines. He stated that the difficulty was not immediately explained, but may have been caused by local weather conditions.

25 years ago, 1988
Headline: LEWISTON BUDGET BATTLE LOOMS. City councilors will begin work on a $41.3 million budget this week for fiscal year 1989, and some already say the plan should be passed right back to City Administrator Lucien B. Gosselin for reductions. “He is the person who put this budget together. He knows exactly what areas should be cut,” said Ward 1 Councilor Paul J. Poliquin.

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