Did you ever have your pocket picked? I have.

It was about 10 years ago in Boston. The evening had ended and my theatre experience great. On the way to the parking garage I stopped for a slice of pizza at about 10 p.m. The pizza place was crowded; standing room only.

While walking to my car and eating the pizza I had this feeling that something was wrong, then I realized that my wallet was missing.

Someone had lifted by wallet while I was in the pizza shop.

Some days later the  post office mailed me back my driver’s license. Evidently the pickpocket had a little class and threw my license in the mail.

For some reason, I feel that we have a pickpocket in our political system: Sen. Thomas Saviello of Franklin County has co-sponsored a bill to raise tobacco taxes. Again?

I find it quite interesting how these politicians with grand ambitions like to put their hands in the pockets of the working folks and poor. Haven’t we had enough of these small-time hustlers who want our meager earnings?

Oh, Saviello will give you all the polished answers and intelligent reasons. How he is doing so much good for the homeowners’ taxes and saving the elderly.

He would do well as a barker at the entrance to a carnival. I only hope that the general public is attuned to these types of politicians who are out to pick our pockets.

By the way, I quite smoking some years back.

Ron Gallant, Chesterville

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