FARMINGTON — RSU 9 directors continued review Tuesday of a proposed $29.38 million budget without factoring in state retirement for teachers and a $29.7 million budget that includes retirement money.

Superintendent Mike Cormier told the board it could continue deliberations at its next budget meeting but he will not recommend setting a budget. The meeting is at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 25, in the cafeteria at Mt. Blue Middle School.

“We need to wait a bit,” Cormier said. “There are so many unknowns.”

They include the more than $324,150.85 in teacher retirement costs that the governor’s budget plan passes on to school districts. A legislative committee voted 9-4 to recommend removing the state retirement costs from school budgets, he said. That recommendation has to go to the Appropriations Committee.

If they set the budget too low, they would have to go back and cut it if voters approve it, he said. If they set it too high, taxpayers would have to raise more money to support it than necessary, he said.

If the retirement costs are removed, the $29.38 million spending package represents an increase of 1.7 percent, or $479,753. If the retirement costs remain in the budget, it reflects a 2.7 percent, or $793,801 increase.

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