I am writing in response to Sheila Olsen, owner of Skittles, a cocker spaniel, who died on April 5 as a result of a dogfight.

Olsen is raising questions about the accountability of pet owners, but takes little accountability of her own.

In the town of Turner, owners may use voice control to restrain their animals if they are not on a leash. However, Skittles was not supervised. He had wandered up to a field where two boys were walking their unleashed bulldogs. The cocker spaniel started barking at the bulldogs, starting a dogfight, which resulted in Skittles’ death.

Olsen is upset and, as a pet owner, it is upsetting to me as well that an animal had to lose its life in such a grizzly manner. What is even more upsetting, is Olsen getting citizens and politicians into a fuss about something she could have prevented by keeping tabs on her animal. She admitted that, “If he was on leash, this probably would not have happened.”

As an owner of two powerful dogs myself, I understand my obligation. If I leave my house, even for 15 minutes, they are crated or they come with me. I refuse to allow them unsupervised in my house, let alone freedom to stroll outside without a watchful eye.

People need to be more responsible, not cry for their government representatives to enact more laws and intrude on more freedoms, just because their inattention brought on a tragedy that could easily have been prevented.

Daina Walko, Auburn

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