This nation is wonderfully engaged in an effort to combat bullying. But not all bullies (or victims) are the same.

The two individuals accused of executing the Boston Marathon bombing are not bigger, stronger or tougher than their victims. Like other bullies, they are cowardly. But the unspeakable horror of their acts overshadowed another insidious event of bullying.

After a prolonged “discussion” (aka, wrangling, battle, argument), federal legislators submitted a compromise bill on gun control. As the families from Newtown watched in disbelief and horror, that bill was defeated.

How could that be, when a great majority of American citizens were in favor of passage? Even as we wept over yet another senseless act of violence. How could those who voted against the bill be so heartless?

It is another example of bullying.

The gun-loving NRA, lacking common sense and a reasonable explanation for its position, resorted to bullying with bucks.

Has the government evolved into being of the NRA, by the NRA and for the NRA?

Anne Ceplikas, Auburn

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