MADRID TOWNSHIP — Land Use Planning commissioners agreed Wednesday to continue their permitting review process for gravel pit owner Mark Beauregard, but they stood firm on their decision not to schedule a public hearing.

Commissioners gathered in Millinocket for their monthly review of statewide permit applications and proposal reviews. The commission oversees planning and zoning responsibilities in unorganized and formerly organized territories, and issues permits for smaller development projects, such as home construction and camp renovations.

Madrid Township property owner Mark Beauregard submitted an application to open a 30-acre gravel pit, which requires a higher level of scrutiny in the permitting process.

Beauregard’s application requires a Department of Environmental Protection review under the Site Location of Development Law, and commissioners also must certify that the project complies with relevant Land Use Planning Commission standards.

Beauregard plans to haul gravel on the township’s Reeds Mill Road, but property owners in Phillips and Madrid have written letters and emails in protest. Jean Flannery, manager of the LUPC’s Permitting and Compliance Division, said in a phone interview Wednesday afternoon that staff members plan to visit the site and also plan to address opponents’ concerns before they submit final recommendations to commissioners.

“We received so muany comments that we haven’t had time to review everything in detail,” Flannery said.

Although there are other gravel pits and logging operations that use the dirt road, residents say that, among other possible dangers, the narrow road is not capable of withstanding the extra traffic.

No date has been set for a final vote to approve or deny the gravel pit application.

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