St. Vincent and the Grenadines emerged from the sea eons ago as the result of the collision of the Caribbean and Atlantic plates. The resulting volcanism produced islands of unparalleled beauty. Since emerging from the sea, St. Vincent has been blessed with lush mountains, rich volcanic soil and unspoiled landscapes of brilliant flora and beautiful, crystal clear waters.

When you add the idyllic islands and deserted cays of the Grenadines, the entire country emerges as a prime vacation playground. There’s something here for everyone from sailing and dolphin watching, to hiking nature trails and swimming at the base of waterfalls. You can climb to the top of a slumbering volcano or explore the fascinating underwater gardens surrounding this pristine group of islands. If you desire the comforts of a deluxe resort or quiet seclusion in a tropical setting, you’ll find it here. Combine these with a dynamic mix of cultures and you’ll find that St. Vincent and the Grenadines have much to offer.

Gonser has led various types of expeditions, including: long-distance bicycle tours, wilderness mountaineering expeditions and cave exploring adventures. In addition, he has competed in bicycle road-racing events on the regional and national levels.

Through his contacts with nature and his experience with people of many cultures, Gonser has developed an awareness of the intricate beauty of man in harmony with nature. With his camera, he searches out the unusual as well as the quiet, commonplace surroundings in which people find themselves, translating both trials and triumphs into a meaningful film journey that will capture the imagination of those who travel with him.

Admission is free. The Sawyer Memorial is at 371 Sawyer Road. For more information, call 207-946-5311 or visit

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