Highlighting this exhibition is “Morning, Southwest Harbor,” an impressionistic oil painting by Keith Oehmig which depicts a view out through the harbor and toward the rolling hills of Mount Desert. Using his characteristic loose brushstrokes, rich colors and thick paint quality, Oehmig captures the sky awash with fluffy clouds and the bright morning light reflecting off the water as a pair of figures readies their boat for the day at the edge of the dock in the foreground.

Tom Curry’s modernist and abstracted “Road to Barren” portrays a rolling country road running through the brilliant red blueberry barrens while J. Thomas R. Higgins captures a deep blue sky above the slopes of Maine’s highest mountain peak, Katahdin, with loose and energetic brushwork in “Katahdin from Sandy Stream Pond.”

Contrasting these bold and energetic oil paintings are a number of moody and quiet pastels and watercolors, including Diana Johnson’s “Marsh Stream,” depicting the soft, morning light transforming the landscape along a tidal river and Paul Niemiec’s “Rock Tapestry,” a precise interpretation of the rocks at the edge of Monhegan, their shapes rendered through layers of subtle color and form as a shimmering light reflects off the quiet waters at the edge of the harbor.

Other paintings in this exhibition include New England landscapes by Carlton Plummer, Michael Graves, Guy Corriero, Don Stone, Marjorie Moskowitz, Judith Magyar and John Gable, subtle figural works by Roberta Goschke, and colorful florals by Geer Morton and Joan Plummer.

Added to the contemporary works on display in “Contemporary Visions of Maine” will be a number of recent acquisitions of 19th- and 20th-century American and European paintings. These include a group of plein air oil paintings by British landscape artist, William Dennis (fl. 1900s-1920s), with such works as “Golden Light,” in which a late evening light filters across the field, rendering the tree trunks and fields a rich, golden tone.

Dennis was named an Associate in the Nottingham Society of Artists in 1908, and exhibited his works there from 1913 through 1922. Several of his paintings are housed in the permanent collection of the Nottingham Museum and Art Gallery.

American works are highlighted by Abraham Bogdanove’s (1886-1946) “Afternoon Light, Squeaker Cove, Monhegan.” Painted in 1924, this bold and thickly painted oil is awash in color and captures the drama of the crashing waves against the island’s rocky shoreline. Works by John Fulton Folinsbee, Jay Hall Connaway, Paul Strisik, Laurence Sisson and Bernard Corey, among others, will also be featured.

“Contemporary Visions of Maine” will be on display through Wednesday, July 3. For more information, call 207-882-7682, or visit www.wiscassetbaygallery.com. The Wiscasset Bay Gallery is open daily from 10:30 a.m.-5 p.m., and is at 67 Main Street, Route One.

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