PARIS — Selectmen will present voters with the town’s options for an upcoming vote on whether to replace the Police Department with coverage by the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office at a public hearing Monday at the Fire Station.

On June 11, residents will be asked to decide whether to keep the Police Department or have deputies from the Sheriff’s Office patrol the town. \

The ballot question reads: “To see if the voters will approve the inter-local agreement with Oxford County for the Oxford County Sheriff’s Department to patrol the Town of Paris.”

A “yes” vote will disband the Police Department, although there would be a transition period of one to two months.

The proposal was first floated last year but rejected by selectmen. In March, selectmen voted again not to send the issue to voters but reversed the decision at the April 8 meeting.

Bethel voted in 2010 to enter a contract with the Sheriff’s Office for coverage, dissolving the town’s Police Department.

The contract with the Sheriff’s Office would cost Paris $548,159 for the first year, including start-up costs, and $428,077 for the second year. That includes five deputies, vehicles, clothing and radios.

The recommended budget for the Police Department, if residents vote to keep it, is $591,392.

While some residents favor the lower cost of the Sheriff’s Office, many who support the Police Department say the town would lose local control of its Police Department as well as a staff of officers well-known and trusted by many in town.

Residents already can file absentee ballots on the question. The public hearing is set for 7 p.m. Monday, May 20, at the Fire Station, and the vote is set for June 11 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., also at the Fire Station.

The town urges all registered voters to attend the hearing and vote on the referendum.

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