RUMFORD — Selectmen will hold a special board meeting at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 21, to discuss a request for a town warrant addendum.

The meeting will be held in Rumford Falls Auditorium.

At the board’s Thursday night meeting, Rumford attorney and local zip line park developer Thomas Carey, also of Wow-Za Zip Lines LLC, asked selectmen to place the company’s proposed purchase of town land along the Androscoggin River on the annual town meeting warrant.

Wow-Za Zip Lines wants to buy the two lots, numbered 248 and 250, to establish a zip line and recreation park contingent on several conditions.

Lot 248 includes the portion of the lot not needed for the town snow dump or other town purposes. Lot 250 includes the portion not needed for current library purposes and the portion east of the parking lot and current fence, and a 10-foot right of way along the western side of the current fence to Chisholm park.

Town Manager Carlo Puiia said Friday afternoon that Carey’s business enterprise wants to buy the land for $1. Because the proposal was tabled from a previous meeting, town attorney Jennifer Kreckel reviewed the situation for the request to amend the already-approved town warrant for the June 11 referendum.

In a letter to Puiia dated May 16, to answer his question about any legal impediments to amending the warrant this late, Kreckel suggested doing an addendum to the warrant.

“Because it is my understanding that the warrant has already been posted for more than seven days,” she said.

According to Rumford’s Charter, the time for posting and publishing the town warrant is a minimum of 10 days prior to the annual town meeting.

“Right now, that is still possible, but just barely,” Kreckel said.

She said that should selectmen approve adding an article to the warrant, another warrant clearly identified as an addendum warrant would have to be prepared. Selectmen would have to sign it as soon as possible to ensure that it could be published in the newspaper at least 10 days prior to the town meeting, Kreckel said.

Regarding another concern Puiia raised about absentee ballots, Kreckel said such ballots are supposed to be available at the town office no less than 30 days prior to the election date.

Since that date has already passed, absentee ballots are required to be done and available, she said.

“Items which are addressed by secret ballot are generally budgetary and ordinance/charter related,” Kreckel said. “In the past, we have voted at town meetings on sales or leases of town property which is not tax acquired or in the Business or Industrial parks.”

She said that if selectmen wanted to add to the warrant the proposed sale of the snow dump to the zip line group, a new warrant would have to be prepared, signed, posted and published no later than Friday, May 24.

She then listed three options to draft the warrant article broadly or narrowly should selectmen opt to do that.

Puiia said that at Thursday night’s meeting, selectmen chose to have the warrant article drafted broadly and with great discretion given to the board.

Puiia said it will be drafted with language that allows the board to negotiate the terms and conditions of the sale without making any specific commitments to a price, the terms or even the buyer.

Among other business, selectmen approved:

* A request from the Mahoosuc Land Trust for in-kind services to help build a river access in Rumford Center on the Androscoggin.

* A bid of $5,130 from American Shoring Inc. of Newburgh, N.Y., for a four-sided trench box for Public Works and a bid of $277,523.10 from Bruce Manzer for warm mix asphalt.

Puiia said Public Works Superintendent Andy Russell also got a $2,000 grant to assist with the trench box purchase. The department only has the old-style, two-sided trench boxes.

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