The scoop, the whole scoop – or maybe two – and a whole lot more than the scoop. That’s what you’ll find at “The Whole Scoop.”

Located at 1459 Sabattus Road, just a few miles from downtown, this Lewiston eatery has something sweet and something savory for every member of the family, including the dog.

Brooke Nadeau began working at The Whole Scoop when she was a freshman in high school. She returned every summer to work the ice cream counter and even after starting college in Connecticut she came back to Maine every year to serve up some cold summertime bliss.

“I love this place,” says Nadeau. And so when Barbara and Russell Angell, who owned the shop for more than 26 years, decided to sell, Nadeau, along with husband, Derek, and her parents, was ready to make it her own.

“We make all our own homemade hard-serve ice creams,” says Nadeau proudly, including flavors like chocolate peanut butter, cookie dough and strawberry cheesecake.

Made with a coconut-based ice cream, sliced almonds, “a chocolate dip and a couple of secret ingredients” all swirled together, Almond Joy ice cream “is by far our most popular flavor.” Having originally planned on running it only occasionally “as a special,” “the first day we served it, someone put a photo of it on Facebook” and it became wildly popular – so Nadeau made it a permanent flavor.

As with the Almond Joy, Samoa cookie ice cream, made with the popular Girl Scout cookie, is “coconut based with a caramel drizzle and a chocolate vinaigrette – a chocolate that hardens as it cools – swirl,” according to Nadeau.

Take note: Samoa cookie isn’t on the regular menu, yet. “We’re trying out the Girl Scout-cookie-themed ice creams,” says Nadeau. Next up: Thin Mint.

For fruit lovers, colorful and sweet cherry vanilla and orange pineapple are among the options.

Among the kids, bubble gum and birthday cake flavors are particularly popular. “Our birthday cake ice cream is a hard serve with cake mix in the ice cream,” says Nadeau. “We also make cake, and crumble it into the ice cream, along with sprinkles and frosting drizzled in.”

So, kids can have their cake and ice cream too.

For those who like soft serve, they have vanilla, chocolate, black raspberry, coffee and peanut butter or, depending on their whim that day, various combinations of the above.

Combinations are big at The Whole Scoop. “We just had Maine maple sundaes; strawberry shortcake and strawberry rhubarb sundaes will be coming soon,” says Nadeau. In the fall there will be pumpkin ice cream and apple pie sundaes. “We’ve got something for every season, and we shop locally,” she adds, so the specials often follow the seasons.

For an unusual but nevertheless delicious and decadent treat, ask for the fried Oreo sundae. The Oreo cookies are dipped in a batter and deep fried, then “we serve warm fried Oreos with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, homemade whipped cream, nuts and a cherry.”

“We’re all about trying new things, and we value our customers’ opinions,” says Nadeau. To that end, when some of her customers asked for a healthier option, Nadeau introduced “Only8” frozen yogurt to the menu. Only8, which calls itself “America’s Healthiest Frozen Yogurt,” is fat, cholesterol and preservative free, low in calories and carbohydrates, fortified with calcium, sweetened with fructose and rich in healthy yogurt cultures.

The Whole Scoop has also added protein shakes to the menu. “Made with a protein powder, our own shake mix and whatever flavor they want,” the protein shakes have become very popular. “Peanut butter is the most popular,” says Nadeau, but “any type of shake we make, we can make into a protein shake!”

There are some flavors, like rum raisin, that aren’t as popular as they once were, but Nadeau keeps making them the same way the Angells made them, because “I still have a few loyal customers who love it.” “It’s part of their tradition, (and) I know their orders before they even get out of the car.” Nadeau has one particular customer who visits often with his dog. He buys himself a baby-size cone, but the dog gets a small. “We serve our dog dishes with a bone on the top,” she says with a smile.

Recognizing that neither man nor dog lives on just ice cream alone – although some would prefer it that way – The Whole Scoop also serves sandwiches, dinners and a variety of popular sides.

“One of our most popular food items is the lobster roll, made with 100 percent Maine lobster,” says Nadeau. Another local favorite is the red “snapper” hot dogs, especially when smothered with Nadeau’s homemade chili and cheddar cheese sauce.

Other offerings include hamburgers and fresh haddock fillet sandwiches, clam rolls on a toasted hot dog bun and fresh crab meat rolls served on a bulky roll. Dinners include things such as chicken fingers and that popular Maine summertime treat, fried clams, as well as Maine shrimp, sea scallops and a hearty seafood platter. Do you want some sweet potato fries or mozzarella sticks? They’ve got those too!

Although The Whole Scoop has been serving sandwiches and dinners for a very long time, this is its first year under Nadeau’s guidance. “We’ve added things and changed things . . . a little,” she says.

“Barbara and Russell have been a great help,” she adds.

Nadeau, who still works a couple days each week on a per diem basis as a respiratory therapist, admits that “running The Whole Scoop takes more work that I could ever have dreamed of.” However, the entrepreneurial spirit runs thick as cream in Nadeau’s family. Having owned Mr. Sea’s Lobster Pound for many years, “my dad has a lot of experience with seafood (and) all of the seafood that we serve at The Whole Scoop will be very fresh.”

Nadeau’s personal favorite at The Whole Scoop? The brownie sundae: A warm, homemade brownie with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge, nuts and a cherry on top. Nadeau changes it up a bit: “My twist is that instead of vanilla ice cream, I make mine with black raspberry ice cream.”

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