We attended a meeting at Rumford Town Hall recently that was supposed to include a public discussion regarding the town warrant.

The meeting started well, with folks being able to voice their opinions of the warrant to be presented to the voters. Then came the chorus of those who are involved in one or another government entity. There was the man giving the town kudos for help with Western Maine Transportation, followed by the chief of police, defending his budget. Both were brief and to the point.

However, when Selectwoman Jolene Lovejoy began her monologue about the perils of parts of Rumford after dark, we left. We have heard it all before … repeatedly. No one in attendance was there to hear her go on and on. She chewed up time that would have been better used by the citizens during the time allotted.

The Finance Committee, Board of Selectmen and the town manager show far more interest in protecting town employees than helping the taxpayers who bear the burden of paying their wages. The town manager has become like a kindergarten aide, trying to keep the children happy and safe rather than doing the unhappy jobs required for the good of the town.

We will vote no on every article and hope others will do so as well. It is the only way to get the attention of the Board of Selectmen and the Finance Committee, and force them to address the realities facing this town now.

Dick and Diana Pratt, Rumford

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