As the official sponsor of birthdays, the American Cancer Society knows how important each and every birthday can be. From deadly to treatable, from treatable to preventable: The progress we’ve helped make in the past 100 years is remarkable — more than any other cancer-fighting organization on the planet. On May 22, 2013, we celebrated our 100th birthday — 100 years of saving lives. We believe our 100th birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate our lifesaving progress, raise additional funds to finish the fight, and demonstrate that cancer’s time is up.

One-hundred years ago, the word “cancer” was not spoken, and we lost almost all patients to the disease. During the last 100 years, we’ve learned that cancer thrives on silence, complacency, and business as usual. Progress comes when we speak out. When we make noise. Because silence won’t finish the fight — action will. Our own 100th birthday is not a time to rest; it’s a time to take more action. It’s a time to embark on our most ambitious crusade yet. We are determined to make this cancer’s last century.

During the last 100 years of lifesaving discoveries, we’ve learned that cancer hates noise, commotion, and action. Progress comes when we speak out. When we proclaim victories and take action. So we want to be loud. We want to break through the clutter. Our 100th birthday campaign will announce our most aggressive and loudest assault on cancer yet. We need to link arms and make some noise. Silence won’t finish the fight. Only action will.

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