OXFORD — Thompson Lake landowners should have up-to-date information about the lake level, members of the dam advisory board said Tuesday.

At the first meeting of the Thompson Lake Dam Advisory Committee of the season, members discussed recent complaints about low water levels and the ability of the town of Oxford to control the level.

The board heard from Craig Delano, who maintains the dam for Oxford. Delano keeps track of the water levels and installs and removes the boards that help control the lake level.

Delano told committee members Tuesday that the lake level was about two inches higher than it should be after the rain last week.

In the weeks before Memorial Day, Oxford received numerous complaints about the level of the lake. Last week, rain brought the lake level back up.

Delano said the exact level of the lake is hard to manage, with several streams feeding the lake as well as rain showers.

“The lake’s so long, that you can get rain in Poland and it can be nice and sunny here,” Delano told the committee.

After Delano left, the committee proposed updating the water level in the Thompson Lake Environmental Association website weekly. Michael Chammings, Oxford town manager and a member of the committee, said he would ask Delano for weekly updates.

The lake advisory committee is comprised of members from Oxford, Casco, Otisfield and Poland, the four towns that border Thompson Lake.

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