Spending time with Dad is one way to show him how special he is. Here are some things you can do with Dad for Father’s Day.

Sign up for a class and learn something new. Contact your local community college or park district to see what fun classes they offer. You could learn how to cook, sail or paint. It all depends upon Dad’s interests.

Make a date once a week to play some sport or work out together. If neither of you belong to a gym or health club, find a place you can go to that doesn’t require a long-term contract like the local YMCA or park district.

Spas are becoming more popular with men, so you might want to take Dad to one. You can sign up for a variety of massages or other types of treatments.

Have a no-girls-allowed night. Invite Dad’s friends over to watch a movie or game or play poker. Make sure you have plenty of snacks on hand, including chips, salsa, pizza and drinks. Depending upon the weather, you could spend the night outside.

Take Dad out once a month for dinner and a movie. Don’t be afraid to try a different restaurant each time. If Dad doesn’t like to go out, fix him dinner and watch a movie at home. Give Dad a subscription to a video store or online service so he can rent his own movies.

Take a road trip with Dad to see someone you haven’t seen in a while, check out some historical sites or just drive around and see where you wind up. There are plenty of Web sites to help you select a destination and a route.

Spend time outdoors with Dad. Sign up for a white water rafting, fishing or canoeing trip. Go camping or hiking. Visit a batting cage, play miniature golf or ride go-carts. See a baseball game, horse race or auto race. Attend an outdoor concert, go bowling, visit an arcade or check out a car or boat show.

Do something for Dad. Detail his car. Clean out his garage or workspace. Iron his laundry.

With thousands of charities and causes to choose from, why not donate to one of Dad’s favorites? It will mean something to him and help someone else.

Fulfill Dad’s childhood wish or revive an old tradition. What did the two of you like to do when you were younger? Did you go fishing or check out the zoo? Whatever it was, do it again.

If these ideas don’t sound appealing, you can always mix or match ideas or make up your own, depending upon the interests you and Dad have in common. You’re only limited by your creativity (and wallet).

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