A proposal to raze a church in Lewiston to provide parking alarms me.

As I age, I realize that ending one’s ride near one’s destination is important, especially if you are not feeling well. But to destroy a city’s heritage to pave more of the planet is short sighted.

I live in Keene, N.H., where several single-story buildings surrounded by acres of tarmac now occupy a spot once reserved for a delicate, quirky and very lovely 19th century domicile. Some of us feel the loss practically every time we pass the location.

More recently, some innovative uses have been found for buildings whose original purpose has passed into history. They add measurably to the charm and character of our city.

Park is four letter word here, too. The subject can cause heated debate. But solutions to where to put the car can be found without tearing down the past.

Please preserve and re-purpose St. Joseph’s church.

Carol Jeffery, Keene, N.H.

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