100 years ago, 1913
Mr. F. W. White of Lisbon has just completed the manuscript of a book entitled “Her World Brotherhood.” The scene of the plot is laid in Auburn, and the leading character is Gladys Bodge, a victim of modern economic conditions. The work is well written and is something in the nature of “Looking Backward” by Edward Bellamy. The author is deeply imbued with the idea that our present code of laws which develops millionaires on one side and paupers on the other side is unjust and cannot stand. Mr. White has not yet arranged for the publication of his book but no doubt it will be brought out the coming fall or winter. That it touches a responsive chord in many minds there can be no doubt. It touches on a problem that is very much in the air and now agitating the industrial and economic world.

50 years ago, 1963
Auburn police said that last night that hundreds of automobiles were parked in the North River Road and Stetson Street section of that city, a vantage point to witness the fireworks display taking place at the Lewiston fairgrounds across the river. Police had a cruiser in the area manned by Richard Greaton and reserve officer Marcel Larose. After the fireworks program was over, however, the many cars left the area without incident. Police routed the vehicles over a one-way exit system.

25 years ago, 1988
The Civil Service Commission is an outdated agency and should be abolished because its members do not have the expertise and experience in employment issues that a professional personnel officer has, Auburn City Manager Paula Valente told an investigating panel Thursday. “Quite frankly, in my opinion, a civil service commission has outlived its usefulness. That’s my opinion, not the city’s position,” she said. “Ultimately, what this comes down to is you have an appointed body which could potentially get the city into a major lawsuit,” Valente said.

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