LEWISTON — The following students are Farwell School’s third-trimester award recipients.

Grade two

Conscientious students: Brenden Biker, Jazzlynn Clark, Jacob Boissonneault, Willow Cotton, Connor Hazard, Rebecca Jacques, Morgan Laflamme, Julianne Levesque, Amanda Raymond, Deston Rogers, Thankful Sargent, Emily Bilodeau, Sydney Bledsoe, Jared Cooper, Abigail Desrosiers, Makenna Drouin, Jaydyn-Rose Gagnon, Natalie Gagnon, D’Naija Godin, Annora Johnson, Gaige Lachapelle, Miriam Lemay, Hunter Lizotte, Kaelyn Mulligan, Isaac Noble, Devon Rogers, Keenan Tyler, Gabriel Warzawski.

Most improved students: Jaden Maguire, Devon Rogers.

Grade three

Conscientious students: Sage Cormier, Rebecca Lussier, Olivia Jean, Cassidy Saindon, Anthony Cancel, RhiAnnon Patrie, Emily Turner.

Grade four

Conscientious students: Chloe Bilodeau, Danielle Binette, Cameron Bolduc, Estella Charbonneau, Arabella Clemons, Jett Deschaines, Kaitlyn Esposito, Jacob Flynn, Grace Grimmel-Flash, Anthony Krantz, Johnny Michareune, Anna Weber-Spencer, Bryce Roy, Emily Strachan, Owen Vincent, Kate Bilodeau, Isabelle Cormier, Kayden Darling, Sydney Dyer, Kloe Gizinski, Autumn Gonzales, Nathan Lyons, Corbin Martel, Yasmin Mohamed, Brooke Nason, Curtis Stinson, Drew Vincent, Mikaela Wagner, Faith Wilcox.

First honors: Johnny Michareune, Isabelle Cormier, Sydney Dyer.

Second honors: Chloe Bilodeau, Arabella Clemons, Jacob Flynn, Anthony Krantz, Kate Bilodeau, Nathan Lyons, Corbin Martel, Mikaela Wagner.

Honorable mention: Bryce Roy, Kloe Gizinski, Anna Weber-Spencer, Yasmin Mohamed.

Most improved: Bryce Roy, Kloe Gizinski.

Grade five

First honors: Hannah Chaput, Melina Masselli, Cayden Poisson-Bragdon, Jordyn Rubin, Juliet Bolduc.

Second honors: Mohamed Adan, Hunter Canney, Grace Porter, Matthew Weber-Spencer, Gage Buiniskas, Brandon Hough, Kay Lahr, Jenna Morin, Nathaniel Robichaud, Haile Theriault.

Honorable mention: Rachel Ouellette, Emma Spaulding, Tyrell Teague, Katie Thibodeau, Rafferty Wing.

Most improved: Hunter Canney.

Grade six

First honors: Sadira Dulac, Taylor Laflamme, Jack LeBlond, Mackenzie Richard, Jackson Castronova.

Second honors: Marissa Larock, Shaelyn Poulin, Cole Pringle, Megan Gaudette, Ashley Kendrick.

Honorable mention: Chelsea Crockett, Jayda Johnson, Jillian Pelletier.

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