As I was enjoying the celebration of the nation’s independence, remembering from decades past the freedom and liberty this country used to have, I was stunned that Nancy Pelosi would take that day to promote the failing Obamacare.

Democrats will do anything (like she says … “by hook or by crook”) to promote their causes at the most opportune times.

Barack Obama has an agenda. In his words, “I’m in this race, not just to hold an office but, together with you, to transform America.”

His agenda doesn’t stem from just a few months ago, or a few years. Going back to his childhood, he himself has told the public, from his own book, about his socialistic and communistic upbringing. He even told some of his friends in college what he wanted to do to America.

Why would he surround himself with people who hated America (Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and the Chicago crowd)? He even started his campaign in Bill Ayers’ home. He claims to be a radical and wants radical changes.

He is amassing his arsenal of more executive orders and actions to consolidate his power. Blinded by pride and charm, he thinks his ideology will bring about utopia as it serves his ego and turns this country into a socialistic state.

This country is a republic, not a democracy as his administration tries to tell the public. A democracy rules by feeling; a republic by law.

Our forefathers chose the Bible — God’s law.

Neil Bourgoin, Jay

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