Funny sights in the aisle

At my request, a whole bunch of you weighed in with your personal experiences at big-box and super stores. Which just confused me because I’d completely forgotten I’d asked for these anecdotes. One of you fired off a note about kids peeing (or worse) in display toilets. Another offered an eye-opening glimpse into Walmart’s lost-and-found box. You can just imagine, am I right? One writer speculated on how soon it will be before people are shopping at super stores in their underwear. I mean, they’re already doing it their pajamas. Undies are the logical next step. So, we can all look forward to that. As for me, I made one trip to Walmart over the course of the week, but it was enough to see a kid, roughly 15 years old, trying to ride in the purse compartment of a shopping cart, just like the little ones do. He threw a hissy fit when his mom tried to convince him he’s too big to ride that way, too. Poor fella. Growing up is hard.


Seriously, New England? Another week of nonstop showers? I really wish Maine weather was a living, breathing person so we could all go over to his house and pee on his favorite things.

Wheels on the bus

I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the bus drivers Wednesday at the Auburn School Committee meeting. The problem is, I have leftover feelings from junior high days and every time I stood up, I expected one of them to scream for me to sit down. Plus, I had powerful urges to throw spitballs, flick the ears of the lady sitting in front of me to demonstrate that I like her – and I’m talking LIKE like – and knock the books out of somebody’s hand as they walked down the aisle. Good thing I resisted that urge. That person with the books was Superintendent Katy Grondin and I’m pretty sure Katy could kick my derriere.

Double your pleasure

July 9 was National No Bra Day. A bouncing good time was had by all. This really should be a weeklong thing.

I are smart

During the brouhaha on Knox Street Thursday, I went in stealth mode. I was wearing my helmet cam and I simply carried it under my arm, recording all the noisy action for you good people to enjoy later. The screaming. The wild accusations. The funny things that people do when others are in trouble. You’re really going to enjoy it. Or would if I’d pressed the record button when I actually meant to record. I accidentally did it the other way, pausing when there was good stuff going on, recording when the camera was aimed at the sidewalk. If anybody wants to see 15 minutes worth of gum wrappers, cigarette butts and my handsome feet, let me know. I got what you need.

By the way

Thursday was July 11. National No Bra Day was two days done, but the people of Knox Street were still celebrating. You’ve got to applaud that kind of dedication.

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