BUCKFIELD — A policy on committee appointments was rescinded at Tuesday’s meeting of selectmen and Town Manager Dana Lee will draft another.

The policy required applicants to be present at the selectmen’s meeting in order to be appointed.

Selectman Cheryl Coffman said she thought some people might not volunteer if they had to be interviewed by the board.

Selectman Warren Wright said he didn’t like the policy, but would be willing to require a person to meet with the board if the board did not know them. Selectman Martha Catevenis was more in favor of the old policy.

In the end, they all agreed to wait for Lee to draft a policy, which he will bring to the next meeting.

The board appointed applicants Diane Brown to the Beautification Committee and Ralph Hart to the Community Day committee Tuesday night. Neither was present, but selectmen know both of them.

Lee said more people are needed for the Community Day committee, which organizes the annual Labor Day festivities.

Selectman Wright advised that the tax rate will go up, not because of the new fire station, but because more money was raised at town meeting for roads than was budgeted.

The board adopted new General Assistance amendments following a public hearing.

The board also set a hearing for 6 p.m. Aug. 6 on accepting a possible grant for up to $400,000 for the purchase of a building for pregnant and homeless young women.

At the July 2 board meeting, Reid Scher, executive director of St. Andre Home in Lewiston, met with the board to request approval of a Community Development Block grant to buy a house that he did not identify.

Representatives of Saint Andre Home, the Grace and Hope Foundation, and the Not Here Justice in Action Network have been asked to present the proposal to selectmen and/or the Planning Board.

The board tabled Scher’s request for more information.

Also on Aug. 6, the board will appoint a committee to study a possible withdrawal from RSU 10. Coffman offered to serve on the committee.

The board also announced it will tour the Public Works Department to see the condition of the vehicles and report to the town.

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