DEAR SUN SPOTS: I was wondering if you could share the following with your readers. We are getting countless calls from seniors who are very stressed thinking they have lost all drug-related benefits when, in fact, they are just losing a discount on their medications. 

If you ran the following, it sure would relieve the worries of many of our Medicare Savings Program members. Thanks for all you do for our community, truly appreciated.

Here are the facts: In July, the Department of Health and Human services sent all Medicare Savings Program members (also known as the Buy-in) a letter saying Drugs for the Elderly will no longer pay for a member’s Medicare Part D co-payment as of Aug. 1.

Previously, if you had any of the three MSP programs, QMB/SLMB/Q-I, you automatically qualified for the Social Security extra help program, low-income subsidy, as well as the Drugs for the Elderly program. The DEL program for those on MSP is being eliminated.

DEL worked with LIS to provide an extra discount. It paid $2.65 toward generic medications and $3.30 on brand-name medications. Losing the DEL benefits means you will now have to pay $2.65 for generics and $6.60 for brand name medications. Everything else stays the same. That’s the only impact of losing the DEL benefit.

Please do not hesitate to call SeniorsPlus if you have any questions, 1-800-427-1241. — Roland Bussiere, Medicare specialist

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In response to recent questions and answers, a good glass cleaner is rubbing alcohol and white vinegar and mix in a spray bottle. No particular proportions. I just dump some together.

This originated from using alcohol in the operating room to wipe down the stainless steel. My mother used vinegar for windows, and the two together dry quickly, streak free and cheap!

Did you know that if you put a coffee filter in a plant pot that the dirt stays in the pot and the water will drain out? — No Name via email

ANSWER: The coffee filter trick is a good one that Sun Spots will be trying.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In response to the July 11 inquiry re cleaning white resin deck furniture: We have attempted over the years to clean the dark stain that accumulated on our furniture, this year my husband got serious, it was either clean them or “recycle” them.

So he tried one more time. He put a good amount of Simple Green in a large bucket and added a generous amount of wax car polish and cleaner and added water — he did not use measurements — and went to work with a stiff brush.

It worked very well, the black stains disappeared, but he did say that it took lots of elbow grease and a big part of the day. Hopefully the wax will protect them somewhat from staining.

He did say that if and when they do stain again he will use Sun Spots suggestion of painting them. That way we will feel we have “new” furniture, plus a pretty change especially if we paint them all different.

Hope this works for No Name via email. — Nancy Crosby, Jay

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I use Wesley’s white-wall tire cleaner. It gets rid of mold and mildew, needs hardly any elbow grease. — Robert Coulombe, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: To clean white plastic chairs, we found (after trying many things) that Soft Scrub with bleach does the trick beautifully. — No Name, Wilton

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