Kudos to Dr. Julie Pease of Maine AllCare for her insightful guest column in Sunday’s Sun Journal (Aug. 4), headlined “U.S. needs universal health care.”

I cannot understand why the United States does not have universal health care available. It is unconscionable that this nation’s leaders cannot figure out, or are unwilling, to provide health care to all citizens. Every other Western civilized nation does. Why can’t the U.S.?

The front page story in the Sun Journal (Aug. 5) that addresses further losses of Medicaid for more Maine citizens is a heart-breaker. And after following the saga of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Maine Med, I am convinced  that many health care problems are the result of greed.

Health issues are frightening enough without bringing on additional fears about how to pay for care, or the loss of one’s home, or bankruptcy.

My wife and I have excellent coverage through Medicare and my Navy retirement. I wish all Mainers and Americans had equally good access to health care.

Joe Sirois, Rumford

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