NORWAY — Town Manager David Holt has bid on a used snowplow in New York to save thousands of dollars in buying a new one in Maine.

Holt said he submitted a bid “well under” the $75,000 available in the town’s  new truck account. He said that only eight years ago the town could buy a snowplow for $180,000. That price has risen as high as $220,000. Because of the high costs, Holt looked at used plows.

The used snowplow in New York, with 70,000 miles on it, is in “really good shape,” he said.

“My guess is the truck will go for over $80,000 but not having had the ability to drive and inspect the truck, this is the safe route to go,” he said in an email to the board.

Holt made the bid this week after meeting with Selectman Russ Newcomb and Jim Tibbetts of the Highway Department on Monday.

Selectman Bruce Cook asked last week why a town would want to get rid of a snowplow that seemed to be in good condition. He was reminded by board members that other cities and towns may not be in such bad financial shape as Norway and may trade in their plows on a regular basis.

Holt said most of the problems with Norway’s snowplows are caused by rust, particularly since the advent of liquid calcium chloride, which will melt snow and ice when ambient temperatures are as low as 0 degrees.

“The plow we would replace runs fine. It’s the rust,” he said. Although some of the plows have been coated with a substance, Holt said the liquid calcium still seems to burn right through it.

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