FARMINGTON — Dust flew as Justin Madore of Skowhegan ground loose mortar between the bricks on the front of the Community Center on Friday.

Tom Harville of Harville Painting and Wallpaper of Skowhegan worked below the boom lift.

Harville was hired to remove loose mortar, refill, clean and waterproof the front of the building, he said.

When Farmington Recreation Director Steve Shible and Assistant Director Matt Foster wanted to do some painting in the gym, they needed to take care of the water issue on the outside, Foster said Monday.

Apparently, moisture on the outside seeps through the brick over a long period of  time and transfers through to the walls, wreaking havoc with the paint, he said.  The work on the north side of the building covers the area outside the gym bleachers, he added.

The brick building, built before World War II, has not been resealed for a few years. 


This summer, the Board of Selectmen approved spending $4,750 for Harville’s bid on the work.

The cement tops above the buttresses or pillars around the front doors need repair. They are coming loose and look like they might fall, Foster said. There’s also some moss growing on them.

The cement will be cleaned and extra Quikrete added to the tops, Harville said.

The Skowhegan company has spent a few days doing the prep work, removing and replacing loose mortar. They’ll then begin stain removal and will apply a sealant to stop the water, Foster said.

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