There are a lot of window-fashion options out there, but one product in particular, cellular window shades, was designed specifically to help a homeowner save money — and it looks good doing it without impeding all the benefits of the window.

The right window shades can pay for themselves in five to eight years through reduced energy costs, said Michelle Graveline-Welch a representative for “The thing is, they don’t just save money — they help with privacy and glare, and they are really beautiful to look at. We tell customers, if they are on the fence, to put them in just one room, and inevitably they come back for more because they really do work.”

Insulating cellular shades work by blocking solar heat gain outside in the summer and trapping it inside in the winter. There is also a sidetrack system, which creates a four-sided seal so the energy savings are even more powerful.

Homeowners can proactively keep their homes more comfortable without relying on heating and cooling systems as much. Simply closing their shades during the day and opening them at night in the summer will help capture and keep the cool night air, and reversing the process in the winter will help contain the solar gain.

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