POLAND — Selectmen placed Town Manager Rosemary Roy on administrative leave, with pay, after coming out of Tuesday evening’s half-hour executive session.

Selectman Steve Robinson said Roy’s one-year term as manager is scheduled to expire Oct. 16.

“We didn’t intend to renew her contract and decided to let her know now out of respect for all she has done for the town,” Robinson said.

Roy has worked for the town for more than 20 years.

Following last year’s shakeup, which began Oct. 16 when selectmen fired Town Manager Rosemary Kulow, Roy was named interim manager.

Prior to that she had served as administrative assistant to former Town Managers Richard Chick and Dana Lee, as well as interim Town Manager Don Gerrish.

It was the third time Roy had been named interim town manager, but this time was different. Within weeks, the board offered Roy a five-month contract, later extended, as town manager.

A second difference is in the storm raised by residents who railed against firing Kulow and hiring Roy, and threatened to recall the three selectmen who voted to remove Kulow and put Roy in her position unless they backed off on their decisions.

The board held its ground and the three selectmen who voted Kulow out, Jim Fernald, Larry Moreau and Wendy Sanborn, were ousted in a recall vote in early January.

On Tuesday, it was an almost entirely new board that placed Roy on administrative leave. Fernald, Moreau and Sanborn, as well as Lester Stevens, who chose not to run again when his term expired in April, had been replaced by Walter Gallagher, Janice Kimball, Stan Tetenman and James Walker Jr.

Robinson, who, with Stevens, had not voted to fire Kulow, is the lone selectman who was on the board when Roy became town manager.

Commenting on what the board intended to do next, Robinson said selectmen are undecided on the process for finding a replacement.

“One step at a time,” Robinson said.

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