Biographical information


Doreen M. Christ

Office Sought:

Lewiston City Council, Ward 4

Home Street Address:

1 Buckley St.

Campaign Phone Number:

(207) 576-7409

Campaign Email Address:

[email protected]

Facebook page:


Twitter Account:


YouTube Channel:


Occupation or primary source of income:

Administrative Assistant – Grondin & Associates (CPA); Full-Time Recording Secretary – Town of Monmouth; Pizza and Sandwich Prep – Stephen’s Pizza; Newspaper Carrier – Lewiston Sun Journal.


Medomak Valley H.S., Waldoboro, ME – HONOR GRADUATE 1982; Casco Bay College, Portland., ME – Certified Professional Sec. Design.; Central Maine Community College, Auburn, ME – Assoc. Degree in Accounting (presently attending).


Brought up in Waldoboro, Maine. Briefly attended Thomas College in Waterville, Maine. Resident of Lewiston, Maine, since 1988.  Single parent of one, who resides with me and is currently enrolled at Southern Maine Community College where he is trying to obtain his Associates Degree.

Public offices sought or held?

Lewiston City Council – Ward 4 (Two-Year Term); Finance Committee (City Council Representative); Taxi Appeals Board (City Council Representative).

Civic organizations:

Former Secretary of FLY Football (two seasons); Former Secretary of Auburn Snogroomers (snowmobile club in Auburn, Maine).

Ice breakers

What is your favorite food?

Steak and potato

What is your favorite movie?

I really don’t have the time available to watch movies, I enjoy watching football (both NFL and college).

What is your favorite book?


What is the best political advice you have received?

Only say what is necessary to get the point across.

What Maine political figure do you admire most?

Our current Governor LePage, mainly because of his stance on cutting welfare.

Local politics

What has Mayor Robert Macdonald done during the past two years that you agree with? What has he done that you disagree with?

I agree with his opinion on welfare, general assistance, and downtown housing issues.

What has the city council done during the past two years that you agree with? What have they done that you disagree with?

I agree with what we have done with demolition of uninhabitable buildings, however, they need to be replaced with affordable housing units, not left as open space.

I disagree with the fireworks ordinance as it currently stands. It is confusing to most residents. It should either be an all out ban or allowed. I disagree with only a partial ban, since it cannot be enforced.

What has the city administrator and the city staff done during the past two years that you agree with? What have they done that you disagree with?

Our City Administrator keeps us on target with everything that is going on. He has excellent communication skills. I also agree with what City Staff presents to the City Council. They do their research very well, i.e. Code Enforcement does an excellent presentation on the buildings to be demolished and the Finance Director does an excellent job, along with department heads, in presenting the budget during the budget process. Very pleased with how our City is run, however, more city staff is necessary.

What has the school committee done during the past two years that you agree with? What have they done that you disagree with?

They do a very good job with their budget presentation, however, I feel there could be cuts made.

What should be done with Bates Mill No. 5?

I believe the best thing that could happen to Bates Mill No. 5 is demolition. I would like to see the mill come down and be replaced with new structures. This is a prime develop-able area in the midst of our downtown and could make a great difference to our downtown, if marketed correctly. I think a very good replacement would be to start with a food market, since our downtown does not have a major grocery store.

Any last words?

I am here to make decisions that would be of benefit to not only my Ward, but the entire City of Lewiston. I review all subject matter before each and every meeting and know exactly what I am voting on.

Election coverage:

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