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Leroy G. Walker, Sr.

Office Sought:

Auburn City Council, Ward 5

Home Street Address:

41 Broad Street, Auburn, Maine 04210

Campaign Phone Number:

(207) 577-2694

Campaign Email Address:

[email protected]

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Divorced with 3 sons and predeceased by daughter, Tracey May Walker; 15 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.

Public offices sought or held?

This is the second time I have run for office. I successfully won the seat that I am seeking again, Auburn’s Ward 5 City Councilor. I have enjoyed the time that I have spent working to make the City of Auburn better, with a specific focus on New Auburn, which is the area of the city I represent.

Civic organizations:

I am the founder of the United New Auburn Association, started almost 4 years ago in 2010. This organization is involved with Santa’s arrival in New Auburn, the Spring Celebration weekly “Cruz” nights and “Hello-Ween” celebration, which had over 400 children participate in 2012. We host an annual pig roast, outside bands and DJs, etc.

I have also been the president of the New Auburn Social Club for the past 7 years. The club has grown from 100 members to its present 700+ members. The club spends approximately $200,000 per year in the area, which stimulates the local economy.

I became the president of the Central Maine Dart League over 20 years ago. The organization now has over 300 members who participate in establishments located in Auburn, Lewiston Lisbon, Lisbon Falls and Mechanic Falls. This league helps to stimulate businesses in the area and has a positive affect on the local economy.

I am very focused on making the New Auburn community better and better, and I plan to do that by continuing to hold office on the Auburn City Council through which I can have the most impact.

Ice breakers

What is your favorite food?

Steak, potato and salad.

What is your favorite movie?

The Three Stooges. I like their slapstick humor.

What is your favorite book?

“Tom Sawyer.”

What is the best political advice you have received?

Listen well and talk only when you know what you are talking about.

What Maine political figure do you admire most?

Earlier in my life, I admired John F. Kennedy, though he was from Massachusetts. Today, I admire Angus King. Both men were/are “for the people” and they inspired my interest in working for the people of Auburn.

Local politics

What has Mayor Jonathan LaBonte done during the past two years that you agree with? What has he done that you disagree with?

Mayor Labonte is a very intelligent person. He agrees that New Auburn needs a new facelift, and we work together on the New Auburn Village Master Plan as well as working to finish the new walk/park from the New Auburn Bridge to Bernard Lown Bridge. Mayor Labonte and I have been collaborating to put New Auburn on the map as it relates to the rest of Auburn. In years past, New Auburn has faded into the background, and we are working to make New Auburn a force to be reckoned with. I feel that things should be done in a more timely manner, and Mayor Labonte feels that things have to be done in their own time.

What has the city council done during the past two years that you agree with? What have they done that you disagree with?

I strongly agree with the building of the new arena on Turner Street, and working with Mr. George Schott. Secondly, the council’s approval to spend the money to bring the roads to a higher standard was a great success, i.e. South Main Street, Court Street, Main Street and many more.

I disagree with the council as it relates to the Auburn Municipal Beach. I believe that the beach should have been open this past summer, and that its problems could and should have been fixed. The area is valuable to the citizens of Auburn, and is a much-needed recreation and swimming area.

What has the city manager and the city staff done during the past two years that you agree with? What have they done that you disagree with?

With the council, the city manager, the state and our community all working together, we WILL make Route 4 a much safer road to travel on. I believe that moving the parks department to public works was not a good move. The parks department has its own distinction and job duties, specific to recreation and park beautification. By joining the departments together, we have lost the skill set that has been built up over many years. The parks department worked, hand in hand, with the recreation department, each one knowing what was needed from the other on a seasonal basis. It is my opinion that the quality of workmanship and pride are no longer there, and this will become more and more evident in the future.

What has the school committee done during the past two years that you agree with? What have they done that you disagree with?

The council and the school department have worked toward finding common ground with regard to their budget and responsibilities. The council disagreed with the school department’s budget coming in too high. The public voted and agreed with the council that the budget needed to be cut in order to minimize the tax burden.

What is your solution for Auburn’s high school?

I would eventually like to see a new high school built on the property where the middle school is located, creating a campus atmosphere, building one project at a time as the city can afford it. This would require the development of a master plan. We would have to save for a few years and hopefully, the state would be able to work with us to fund these projects.

Any last words?

I would appreciate your vote on November 5, 2013. I promise to work hard on behalf of taxpayers for the benefit of all Auburn residents. When I’m re-elected, I will also continue to focus on the New Auburn community and village. I am committed to work diligently to find a way to save the St. Louis building, which is a historic landmark in New Auburn and worth saving, in my opinion. Please consider your vote carefully.

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