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Tizz E.H. Crowley

Office Sought:

Auburn City Council, Ward 1

Home Street Address:

35 University Street

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[email protected]

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Occupation or primary source of income:

Retired. I spent almost 30 years as a Medical Group Administrator and health care consultant where I was responsible for the profitability, productivity, and efficiency of the business. I was responsible for the overall operation of the practice as well as activities that relate to the future growth of the practice (strategic planning and marketing).

My role required me to develop, implement, and coordinate policies relating to all aspects of personnel administration including recruitment, salary and benefits administration, labor law compliance and employee relations. Often I had to interpret state and federal regulations that relate to health care industry or the practice.

I was accountable for adhering to all regulatory, credentialing, and licensing requirements, monitoring compliance activities for our organization.


Edward Little High School Graduate. I have a Baccalaureate degree from the University of Maine at Portland-Gorham with a Political Science major. I achieved American College of Medical Practice Executives: Certification in 1980, and was granted Life Member status when I retired.


I have one wonderful adult son and lovely daughter in law who live in Vermont. I have two sisters with very patient husbands, nieces and nephews and many long time friends who are family to me.

Public offices sought or held?

I currently am honored to serve as an Auburn City Councilor for Ward 1. I may still hold the record as the youngest elected official in the City of Auburn. While in college, the voting age in Maine dropped from 21 years old to 18 years old. I was elected Ward Clerk for Ward 4 when I was less than 20 years old. At the time, it made me the youngest elected official in Auburn — haven’t had time to do the research to see if I still enjoy the title.

Civic organizations:

Locally, I belong to the Chamber of Commerce, the Elks, the Woman’s Literary Union, the Perkins Ridge Snowmobile Club, The Maine Women’s Network, and the Auburn Business Association. I am also a life member of Girl Scouts and the Medical Group Management Association.

Ice breakers

What is your favorite food?

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate- rare beef, good Irish Whiskey, and did I mention chocolate? My favorite comfort food, which comes from childhood, is macaroni and milk with butter. I do eat vegetables- since I was a kid, I’ve loved spinach, butternut squash, and asparagus. And I’ve yet to meet a potato I didn’t like. Yes, chocolate.

What is your favorite movie?

I’m not a movie goer- so the last one I saw I really liked was “Lincoln”. Growing up my Dad took my sisters and I to the drive-in. I can remember watching the end of “Blue Hawaii” in the pouring rain while my sisters slept. I think we saw every Elvis Presley movie… most of the time in our pajamas. Of course I remember seeing “101 Dalmatians” when the line went from the Empire Theater all around the Peck’s building. Imagine 17 teenage girls, all sitting in a row, crying all through “Gone with the Wind”. Oh, and the first kiss, on the way home from “Dr. Zhivago”. I really don’t remember movies, but definitely love the memories this question evokes.

What is your favorite book?

My all time favorite book is the “Littlest Witch” —  author unknown to me. It’s out of print. It’s a wonderful story of change and adaptation. I collect Maine authors; Mary C. Jane, a mystery writer, John Gould, a Maine humorist, William Cohen, senator, secretary of defense, writer and poet. I enjoy biographies and particularly enjoy any writings about Margaret Chase Smith. Everyone should read her Declaration of Conscience annually.

What is the best political advice you have received?

Trust your instincts and do your homework.

What Maine political figure do you admire most?

This is a tough question. Maine has had some remarkable leadership. Maybe it would be Ed Muskie or Dorothea Dix. Governor/Senator Muskie was so Maine- growing up in Rumford, studying at Bates and leaving a lasting legacy of an improved environment. I don’t remember him as Governor, but I think I recall the photos of him on the Capitol Steps in New Hampshire. Thanks to his devotion to Maine and to the nation, we got the Clean Air and the Clean Water acts. I can remember the green form on the Androscoggin- hard to imagine with the beautiful falls today. At all times humble, he was able to work across party lines to get the work done. While living in Hampden I learned of Dorothea’s life work to protect and improve the lives of the mentally ill and the imprisoned. Committed to the unwanted and underprivileged the results of her activism can still be seen today in our institutions. One might not think of Dorothea Dix as a political figure, but she had to be politically talented to achieve all she did.

Local politics

What has Mayor Jonathan LaBonte done during the past two years that you agree with? What has he done that you disagree with?

We agree on the importance of Quality of Life as a key economic development factor. I believe I place a higher value on excellent customer service and courtesy. The mayor seems to focus on the outcome, and I think the process of getting there is just as important.

I think we’ve learned we can get more done by working together on issues we agree with, which is a lot, rather than the items we on which we differ.

What has the city council done during the past two years that you agree with? What have they done that you disagree with?

I agree with the unanimous vote of the Council to authorize a downtown transportation center. I disagree with the process used to approve the budget. I think we should have examined and discussed line items and we should not have voted on a final budget without a complete budget document.

I understand majority rules and have learned a challenging lesson —  it takes at least four votes to get something done.

What has the city manager and the city staff done during the past two years that you agree with? What have they done that you disagree with?

I strongly support the goal of citizen engagement, so any steps we’ve taken to facilitate getting information and data to residents I appreciate. I value staff that has the “can do” rather than the “we can’t” attitude.

In the same vein, we continue to ignore the fact that many, many taxpayers do not have access to the Internet and yet the City does not have a plan or method of regular communication with the community. It is not the Sun Journal’s responsibility to get the word out. Residents are the top of Auburn’s organizational chart.  Council and staff need to be sure there are clear and consistent lines of communication.

What has the school committee done during the past two years that you agree with? What have they done that you disagree with?

I support Mass Customized Learning as the way more students can get the individualized attention needed. The School Committee set the direction for Mass Customized Learning.

I disagree with the continuing “them and us” attitude between the Council and the School committee. For some (on both elected bodies) it seems it’s more important to exert their power than to get a desired outcome.

What is your solution for Auburn’s high school?

I’d focus on the needs and requirements for Mass Customized Learning and plan for a Center of Lifelong Learning. While our physical plants have to be safe, secure and comfortable for learning,  it’s not the walls or the fields that will make the difference. We could have a “office like” complex, open 20 hours a day, used by one- to-80 year-olds. Focus on content in the classroom, recognize teachers as professionals and hold parents, staff and students accountable for getting the job done they have been assigned. Mediocre efforts or outcomes cannot be acceptable.

Any last words?

Thank you for the opportunity you have given me these past two years. I have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful and caring people who want the best for Auburn. I will continue to work so everyone’s voice and opinion is heard. I do believe leadership has the responsibility to set an example. We can have fun while doing good, so I would continue to focus on those issues which make Auburn- Auburn, a place we want to live and enjoy.

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