Local author releases another title and jumps in with Kickstarter.

Young adult title “Joan Darcy & the 27th Observer” makes debut in the e-book market.

HARRISON — Local author Patrick Meservier has released a new novel titled “Joan Darcy & the 27th Observer, The Telescope of Elsewhere” which is the first segment in a five-book young adult series.

The story follows a 16-year-old girl with no memory of her past as she befriends two students from her school. Together they agree on the importance of discovering Joan’s past only to find that she is not 16 years old at all. As more documents are unearthed her age continues to rise. When they discover Joan’s age has risen to over 70, although she continues to look and act 16, people begin to follow them. When a telescope turns up that can see onto another planet instead of Earth, things really become crazy. Aliens, other dimensions, and stalkers make this story fast paced and unpredictable.

Meservier has embarked on a project to get his earlier novel “A Christmas Tale” into actual print. He has partnered with Kickstarter to raise funds and make the jump from e-book to paper. He needs to raise $15,000 to begin the process of self publishing.

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