JAY — What happens when you take some of the most creative young minds and set them out in the cool air of October to wash cars? They turn into Zombies!

On Saturday, Oct. 26, there will be a meeting of the minds with the mindless as robotics team members from Spruce Mountain High School become Zombies. SMART members will transform themselves for the team’s second Zombie Car Wash to be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (or whenever the cars stop driving in) at the Jay Fire Station, Main Street.

The SMART team needs money to build a highly technical, computer-programmed robot for competitions throughout New England. Acting brainless for one day will help them reach their fundraising goal of more than $10,000 this year. There is no set fee for a car wash, but donations will be appreciated.

Not only will the Zombies provide a little entertainment as they wash cars, they will provide information for emergency preparedness as part of a community service project.

The Center for Disease Control made headlines last year when they provided information on the government website about preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.

It seems preparing for that fictional event is the same as preparing for a real life emergency, and SMART’s Zombies will provide information for families on how to create their own emergency preparedness kits.

The students know about being prepared. Part of the FIRST Robotics Competition is having the foresight to predict possible robot emergencies and prepare a kit in advance to remedy them in a short time. In addition to being prepared, the students also need to be safe, wearing proper attire and keeping the pit area danger-free.

“We wanted to create an event that was worth the trip to Jay, Maine, even for people who are away,” said Kym Bryant, a team mentor. “As an avid Zombie fan, I thought, who wouldn’t want their car washed by a Zombie? As it turns out, if you don’t, you can choose to have your car washed by ‘uninfected’ human team members. Regardless, the SMART team members will by ‘dying’ to wash your car.”

For more information on SMART and FIRST robotics, as well as emergency preparedness, visit www.smart3930.org, www.usfirst.org or http://emergency.cdc.gov/preparedness/kit/disasters/.

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