100 years ago, 1913
The Globe theatre is the name of the newest photoplay theatre in this vicinity. It is in New Auburn and was formerly known as L’Union Musical Hall. The new playhouse is to be conducted by the Globe Amusement Co. of Auburn and will furnish the very latest form of entertainment in the motion picture world. Its films will be the latest releases of the leading producers of this class of plays. As the Globe theatre is located on the ground flour, with side entrances, as well as the main entrance, and is constructed of brick and stone, at a cost of $30,000, it is one of the safest amusement homes in the two cities. On Friday night the theatre opened to the public, when a free entertainment was given.

50 years ago, 1963
Joe Caron of Lewiston has been a blacksmith for 43 years. Caron’s blacksmith shop is located on Canal St., beside the Union Water Power Co. canal which, in its time, has supplied most of the power for Lewiston’s textile industry. When asked why his son didn’t follow in his footsteps, Caron, 59, said, “He can make more money without working so hard.” Things haven’t changed much in the blacksmith business during the 25 years Caron has been in business for himself. The forge has an electric blower instead of the old fashioned bellows, but the anvil looks the same beside the old wooden water bucket, and kids still crowd the shop when he has a horse to shoe.

25 years ago, 1988
Cablevision will bring New England’s only weekly French-language television program to the Lewiston-Auburn area Wednesday at 6:30 p m. when “Bonjour!” premieres over Cablevision’s Channel 15. The first programs carried on Cablevision will feature interviews with two well-known Franco-Americans originally from Lewiston. Joining hostess Josee Vachon on Wednesday evening’s show will be Elaine L’Heureux Leary, a Lewiston native and businesswoman who works in Boston, and Caroline Eades, cultural attache for the French consulate in Boston. State Sen. Georgette B. Bernier of Lewiston will be Vachon’s guest on the Nov. 16 program.

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