Why do I dislike President Barack Obama? First and foremost, he is at least a socialist. Secondly, he is a master liar. There are many reasons why I consider him to be very dangerous to this country.

Benghazi was truly a scandal and the media, with few exceptions, have been silent. If a similar event happened during a Republican president’s watch, the liberal media would hammer him every single day and even recommend impeachment.

Conservative organizations and donors were abused by the IRS, subjected to audits by Obama’s administration. Confidential IRS files were leaked. When Richard Nixon used the IRS to punish his political enemies, the liberal media asked a lot of questions and didn’t quit until he was out of office. Despite the scandal, $70 million in bonuses were paid to IRS employees. Where is the media now?

It is sad that a young man, whether black or white, was killed. But has anyone ever heard of the U.S. Attorney General getting involved, as he did with the Trayvon Martin death, by dispatching a unit within his department (Community Relations Service) to help organize and manage rallies and protests at the scene of the alleged murder site? There are thousands of people killed every year; Attorney General Eric Holder gets involved in that one? Why?

Obama claimed the public would enjoy huge savings with Obamacare. That is either a lie or he is uninformed.

People should remember that socialism in Russian ended as communism. Socialism in Germany ended as fascism.

Marcel Morin, Auburn

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