TURNER — Selectmen agreed Monday to investigate what can be done at  Pleasant Pond where about six active beaver lodges are wreaking havoc for some property owners.

Resident Mary Seaman showed the board a 30-year-old aerial photograph of the pond and the Great Outdoors recreation and camp area of which she is part owner. The photograph showed a road, beach and boat ramps, which are now covered with water.

Seaman attributed the change in water level to changes in the dam and beavers.

Selectman Kurt Youland, who also owns property on Pleasant Pond, said many of the historical beaches around the pond have disappeared. He said there are about six active beaver lodges on the pond, which equates to nearly 40 animals.

Selectman Ralph Caldwell said the beavers have come on his land and done significant damage to his corn crop.

Seaman said beavers are dropping trees into the swimming area, and some neighbors are protecting their trees with chicken wire.

In addition to stripping limbs that wash onto the dam spillway and block it, the beavers have repeatedly built dams in the spillway.

Seaman said she has done all she can legally do and has hired a state biologist to trap beavers, raccoons and seagulls. She said it cost $70 to $100 per animal.

Caldwell said the real problem was the low price for beaver pelts. He said when prices are high, trappers keep the beaver population in check.

Selectmen said they will research options for improving conditions on the pond.

Planning Board member John Maloney reviewed proposed changes to the Floodplain Management Ordinance. Most of then are minor housekeeping issues or necessitated by changes in state law.

Town Manager Scott LaFlamme announced that the town will sell several tax-acquired properties at auction on Nov. 18. Information packets, with descriptions of the properties, are available at the Town Office.

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