Use this handy holiday gift-giving guide and you just might make this her, and your, best holiday ever.


Although for some, a diamond may be a girl’s best friend, a diamond is a BIG step and carries with it connotations that might not be appropriate for this stage of the game. There are, however, many variations to “shiny” that would be perfect.

According to Michael Dostie of J. Dostie Jewelers, in Lewiston, a woman’s preferences when it comes to shiny pieces of jewelry are very subjective, and “There isn’t one thing that we would recommend for everyone.”

When a gentleman comes in looking for something to give to the woman in his life, Dostie asks a lot of questions:

What is her favorite color?

Does she usually wear pendants, earrings, bracelets or rings?

Does she like big jewelry, or does she prefer more delicate pieces?

Does she wear white gold, yellow gold, or only silver?

“The biggest challenge is when he doesn’t know what she likes or dislikes, and some men get overwhelmed with the options,” said Dostie.

So, gentlemen, do your homework before you shop because with selections that range from “conservative and classic to modern and nontraditional, as well as everything in between,” a shiny bauble selected by someone who knows what makes her feel loved will add sparkle to her holiday.


According to Stephanie Bernatchez of Maine Gourmet Chocolates, in Auburn,  “Ladies love truffles, and we have over 40 different flavors, including truffle shots which are edible chocolate cups filled with soft truffle fillings made from frozen yogurt rather than cream, and frozen.”

Also popular, strawberries dipped in chocolate are a decadent and romantic treat which must be ordered ahead of time, to ensure that the delicate berries are ripe and delicious when they are gifted.

Ella Magee of Ella’s Chocolates, in Lewiston, recommended a basket filled with decadent chocolate-covered cherries, romantic chocolate-covered pretzel roses, and heart-shaped chocolates filled with caramel, coconut or peanut butter. And for a woman who, though she is perfect in your eyes, might be watching her weight, Ella’s suggested “a nice box of minis.”

Silk and Satin

Every woman wants to feel attractive, and nothing says “you are a beautiful” better than a delicate piece of lingerie, and Midnight Boutique Lingerie, in Lewiston, has something for every woman.

According to Anita Blais, “Shorter styles of lingerie, such as the baby doll and chemise styles, in satin and lace, are very popular.”

Baby dolls are short and flow over the body. Many come paired with matching boy shorts or other style panty. “A chemise is more of an old time night gown,” explained Blais. It’s a fingertip-length gown, slightly longer than a baby doll, and in some ways more demure.

A teddy is a fitted piece of lingerie with a French or bikini-cut panty built in. A romper is also a fitted, one-piece outfit, like a teddy, but finished with boy shorts.

As with any other gift, before making a purchase Blais suggested that a gentleman do his homework. He needs to know her size, her favorite color, and what style she likes including whether she prefers lace, satin or a bit of both.


Most women have particular scents that they are drawn to, and many fragrances are well known for their therapeutic properties.

Robin Rockett of Streaked Mountain Herbs & Crafts, in Turner, recommended a rosemary and lavender bath oil that is both relaxing and rejuvenating.

According to Rockett, “I also have a patchouli and lavender cologne that is very popular. Either of these two products would be a great gift.” Both of these, and other Streaked Mountain products are available at several local shops and markets including Downtown Handmade and Vintage, Forage Market and the Lewiston Winter Market, all in Lewiston.

According to Kim Jacques of Revelation Massage, in Auburn, “Aromatherapy is the practice of using the powerful, natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, or roots to enhance psychological and physical wellbeing.”

Jacques suggested incorporating an aromatherapy session into a gift certificate for a massage which is a relaxing and healing gift that will help to “renew” her spirit.

Although there are other gifts that the special woman in your life will certainly enjoy, and if you pay attention you may find that she is dropping not-so-subtle hints as to what will make her happy this holiday season, you cannot go wrong when you follow the “Quadruple S Rules of Love.”

J. Dostie Jewelers, in Lewiston, offers beautiful selections including this pendant with sapphire.

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