LEWISTON — A local woman was killed in a two-car crash on Lisbon Street on Thursday, in front of the South Lewiston Baptist Church.

Friends said Amy Ferguson, 39, a Denny’s waitress, mother and grandmother, was the woman killed when her car collided with an SUV at about 12:45 p.m.

Witnesses said the cars may have collided after a third vehicle pulled out of the Mobil station lot at 1930 Lisbon St., causing Ferguson to swerve into oncoming traffic where her car collided with the GMC Yukon, driven by Mike Yohe of Lisbon.

Yohe and a passenger were hurt in the wreck, but police described their injuries as non-life-threatening. They were taken to a Lewiston hospital and later released.

Police, who closed a section of the road between Dyer Road and South Lisbon Road, were still investigating later Thursday night.

Several witnesses described a chaotic and horrific scene where the violence of the collision was apparent at once.

“I could see the white SUV and it looked like it had crushed the whole passenger side of the blue car up to the front windshield,” said Mary Robinson, a Lewiston woman who drove by the scene seconds after the crash. “It was horrible to see. I can’t get the image out of my head. I called 911 and they hadn’t got a call about it yet. I told 911 they needed to get there fast because it looked like someone was dead or about to die.

“That,” Robinson said, “was the worst accident scene I have ever seen in my life.”

The woman seen pulling out of the Mobil station called police shortly after the crash. She was interviewed by police as they continued to investigate the cause.

Police said a portion of the crash may have been captured by store surveillance cameras outside the Mobil station.

“We’ll be reviewing any video evidence that’s available to us,” Lewiston police spokesperson Lt. Michael McGonagle said.

Ferguson was a server at Denny’s Restaurant in Auburn, friends said. By the supper hour, most of her friends and colleagues had heard the news.

“Amy was an amazing friend who loved her daughter, Felicia, and her grandchildren more than life itself,” said one friend, also a Denny’s waitress. “If there is something I think she would say if she could, it was how much she loved them. She worked for Denny’s for years. Great team player and could always be there for advice.”

Ferguson had two granddaughters and one grandson, friends said.

“Great person and waitress” said Dinah R. Bouthot, another co-worker.

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