LEWISTON — Fourth-grade students displayed their new-found knowledge and excitedly made 34 self-created volcano models erupt during Volcano Day on Dec. 6 at Saint Dominic Academy’s Lewiston Campus, on 17 Baird Ave.

In September, students randomly chose the name of a volcano to study. Over the past 10 weeks, the fourth-graders researched their volcano using a variety of materials, including some online resources that allowed them to see their volcano live with active Web cameras. Then, the students created models that resembled the particular volcano they had studied.

The students presented their work to parents, grandparents and other family members. In total, 34 models were created from locations all around the world, including active and dormant volcanoes. Using baking soda and colored vinegar, the students caused their volcanoes to erupt.

“The eruptions were unique and exciting,” said Donald Bilodeau, assistant principal. “Through this process, the students discovered that when volcanoes erupt, they are sometimes preceded by earthquakes. After an eruption, dangerous tsunamis can occur. They now understand that although volcanoes are fascinating, they are also extremely dangerous, destructive and deadly.”

Students had the opportunity to answer questions from the audience and explain the process and materials they had used to create their volcano models.

“The room was full of enthusiastic students and proud relatives,” said Bilodeau. “It was truly a grand finale.”

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