I have been reading many letters to the editor in response to Rep. Brian Bolduc’s email about truckers. I have a comment about some (not all) truckers.

My concern is about very large trucks that go through our small towns, making sharp turns that often stop regular traffic. They also pull out in front of cars instead of stopping at stop signs. Who is going to keep the right of way in those circumstances?

I am not referring to wood and pulp trucks.

Many small bridges, built in the 1930s, were not constructed to withstand the weight of large trucks.

When other routes are the same distances, why do truckers need to use the smaller roads, such as Route 156 out of Farmington Falls, or Route 133?

A trucker passed me on a solid line in a 35-mile speed zone, near a sharp corner in North Chesterville. Truckers also like the newly-repaired Route 41.

I would like to know why they prefer those roads and if there are any regulations.

Lois Seamon, Chesterville

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