LEWISTON — An Auburn couple welcomed their New Year baby at Central Maine Medical Center, calling young Beckett David Pontbriand a “miracle baby.”

After 72 hours of labor, Amber-Lee Pontbriand gave birth to 7 pound, 14 ounce Beckett at 1:52 a.m. Wednesday by cesarean section. A nurse said in passing that Pontbriand “earned” her first baby of 2014 status.

According to Pontbriand, her son’s arm position prevented a natural delivery. Other complicating factors, such as the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, were not noticed until the surgery was performed.

The Pontbriands said hard labor began on the 29th, Kevin’s birthday. “I was prepared to have a baby birthday present,” he said.

“It’s kind of a blessing,” he said.

An exhausted Amber-Lee added, “It’s been a very traumatic couple of days.”

Still, despite young Beckett’s stubborn entry into this world, it was for other reasons that his parents called him a miracle.

The Pontbriands, who will be celebrating their first anniversary in February, were told in December 2012, that because of a surgical procedure Amber-Lee had, she could not have children.

Two months after the couple wed, however, they were told they were expecting.

The couple said they both wanted children but accepted fate and, as Amber-Lee said, “We were just living our lives.”

For the first baby of the year, the nurses presented the couple with diapers arranged to look like a layer cake.

The Pontbriands said their only desire for having a New Year’s baby was so their son would be the oldest on whatever sports team he belonged to. Dad is hoping for a hockey player but, no pressure.

Surrounded by family in the tiny room Wednesday, Beckett lay sleeping on his aunt, Jody Pontbriand, as she gently rocked him. The couple expects to return home with their son on Friday.

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