LEWISTON — The Trinity Jubilee Center’s annual Holiday Wishlist program wrapped up Dec. 23, with gifts delivered to 40 local children. The program partnered with five Lewiston-Auburn businesses to target working parents in need of assistance during the holidays.

The Holiday Wishlist program, now in its eighth year, matches donors with children’s wishlists and collects the toys, clothing, books and food the families request.

Enrollments are done through local employers, said program director Erin Reed. “We know there are a lot of parents in our community that are too proud to ask for help. They don’t want anyone to know they’re struggling to make ends meet. When we work through employers, it’s easy to reach these people quietly.”

This year the program enrolled 15 families through five companies. Managers pulled aside employees they knew could use a little extra help. Almost all were single parents who had been with their company for years. Some had reduced their hours in order to go back to school; others were facing medical issues or other tough times.

“The managers we worked with were so excited about this program,” said Reed. “They know the employees that are struggling but they still put on a smile and work hard every day. They were happy to help them sign up.”

For more information on the Jubilee Center, visit www.trinityjubileecenter.org or www.facebook.com/trinityjubileecenter.

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