JAY — Members of the Jay-Livermore Falls Hunting Club gathered for their annual awards dinner and banquet at VFW Post 3335 in Jay on Sunday.

It is a time of transition for the club, as last year it decided to accept women as members for the first time in its history. Out of the 113 members, five are women. There are 11 youth in the club, and 10 new members joined at the awards banquet.

After enjoying a scrumptious pork dinner prepared by Scooter Cushman, club members held a business meeting. Club President Larry Lord stated that someone in the club was needed to take charge of the shooting range. There have been problems with trash left there, and brush needs to be cut.

“If we take the grants, that means we have to maintain it,” said Lord.

“Why can’t this board take charge of it as a whole?” asked Vice President Steve Chabot.

“Because it’s not being used enough,” Lord responded. “I don’t have enough time to go up there to clear brush and mow and so forth.”

The shooting range is on 10.3 acres of land. Club members discussed selling it and what to do with the money if it was sold.

However, Chabot pointed out that it only costs $250 per year to maintain it. Lord noted that a committee was needed to oversee it. Chabot pointed out that somebody needed to take charge if a committee was appointed, and added that he didn’t want to be the one in charge, although he would help with maintenance.

“I really think if we let this go, it’s a mistake,” he emphasized. “The way this world is right now, we’re not going to have a place to shoot. I think it’s a horrible mistake to lose this property. We’re not going to get another shooting range if we lose it.”

Club member Bill Baxter agreed to take charge of it.

There were club members who questioned the accuracy of the scales used for weighing animals at Brettuns Variety. However, Lord shot down these complaints.

“It’s a certified scale. The weight is not off,” he said.

The 2013 officers are Larry Lord, President; Chickie Chicoine, Treasurer/Captain; Jeff Newcomb, Captain/Secretary; and Steve Chabot, Vice President.

This year, the club has released a list of everyone who shot an animal. The list is posted below.



BUCK (Rifle)

Jason Higgins 8pt. 242lbs. (Biggest Buck)

Chickie Chicoine 8pt. 215lbs. (2nd Biggest Buck)

Alfred Richards 9pt. 185Lbs.

Larry Enos 6pt. 178Lbs.

Rich Cushing 10pt. 176lbs (Most Points)

Dakota Halliday 6pt. 167.5lbs.

Adam Castonguay 9pt. 161Lbs.

Caleb Haines 8pt. 160lbs. (Youth)

Tim Kachnovich 5pt. 157Lbs.

Jaden Castonguay 6pt. 145lbs. (Youth)

Toby Kachnovich 8pt. 143Lbs.

Jeremy Richards 7pt. 142Lbs.

Chris Peel 5pt. 138Lbs.

Bob Loon 7pt. 137Lbs.

Delance White 7pt. 132 ½ lbs.

Bill Baxter 10pt. 125lbs. (2nd Most Points)

Francis Matteson 4pt. 125Lbs.

Kyle Heikkinen 4pt. 123lbs (Youth)

Bob Heikkinen 4pt. 122Lbs.

Arnold Richards 2pt. 122Lbs.

Cliff Damon 8pt. 112Lbs.

Jonathan Turner 6pt. 105Lbs.

Chase Heikkinen 2pt. 97lbs. (Youth)

Bob Labrecque 59lbs. (Smallest Buck)

DOE (Rifle)

Rod Bryant 142lbs. (Biggest Doe)

Larry Lord 130lbs. (2nd Biggest Doe)

Jeff Irish 114lbs.

Larry Hand 57 ½ lbs. (Smallest Doe)

Muzzle Loading

Garold Haines 207lbs 6pt. (Biggest Muzzle Loader)

Brian Verrill 147lb Doe (2nd Biggest Muzzle Loader)

Jean Castonguay 8pt. 139Lbs

Perley Robinson 76lb Buck

*NOTE: There were no deer shot with a bow!


Johnny Castonguay 230lb Female (Biggest Bear)

Austin Couture 148lb Female (2nd Biggest Bear)

Bob Labrecque 100lb Male


Lawrence Hand 708lb Cow (Biggest Moose)

Parker Madden 6 pt. 650lbs (2nd Biggest Moose)

Gene Allen 4pt. 598lbs.


Larry Lord 22lbs. 3oz, 10 ½ inch beard, 1 inch spurs (Biggest Turkey)

Larry Enos 20lbs. 10oz, 9 inch beard, 1 inch spurs (2nd Biggest Turkey)

Larry Hand 18lbs. 10oz, 9 inch beard

Chase Heikkinen 17lbs. 10oz, 9 ½ beard, ¾ inch spurs (Youth)

Dakota Halliday 16lbs. 14oz, 9 inch beard, 1 inch spurs

Adam Castonguay 16lbs. 11oz, 10 ½ inch beard, 7/8 spurs

Arnold Richard 15lbs. 12oz, 9 inch beard, 1 inch spurs

George Newcomb 15lbs. 4oz, 4 inch beard, ¼ inch spurs

Caleb Haines 5lbs. (Youth)

The Jay-Livermore Falls Hunting Club held its annual winter awards ceremony on Sunday. Shown here, in no particular order, are the award winners for the 2013 hunting seasons. They include Jaden Castonguay, Chase Heikkinen, Kyle Heikkinen, Caleb Haines, Larry Hand, Bob Labrecque, Parker Madden (being represented by Tim Madden), Austin Couture, Johnny Castonguay, Larry Enos, Bill Baxter, Rich Cushing, Brian Verrill, Garold Haines, Chickie Chicoine, and Jason Higgins. Not included in the photo are Rod Bryant and Larry Lord.

Caleb Haines is shown with the rifle he won from Northeast Firearms in the Jay-Livermore Falls Hunting Club raffle.

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