RUMFORD — Artists, artisans, crafts persons, musicians and performers are invited to attend a new media marketing workshop on Monday, Jan. 13.

The free Teaberry Arts Council event will start at 6:30 p.m. in 49 Franklin‘s Mystic Theater. Access is at the upper rear parking lot at 49 Franklin St. in Rumford.

The workshop will be presented by Rumford’s Steve Milligan, who worked for the Maine Arts Council and currently works for the University of Maine at Farmington.

“Actually, any business can benefit from the information that will enhance your marketing plan,” Scot Grassette, owner of 49 Franklin and interim president of Teaberry Arts Council, said Tuesday.

“If you do not have marketing experience or have years of it, this workshop will give you the basics, and enhance and inspire you to take the steps to grow your business through Web presence, websites, logos and other new media.”

Milligan is a graduate of the University of Maine with a degree in New Media. He has nine years of experience in the field and has worked at the Maine Arts Commission as technology director for more than three years.

Grassette said Milligan has maintained the agency’s website on a day-to-day basis. Most recently, he has conducted workshops at various locations throughout the state.

“These workshops were designed as a primer for Maine artists hoping to create or purchase their own websites,” Grassette said. “Steve is a self-motivated, extremely creative, highly-skilled young professional. His workshop will offer creative and effective solutions to your new media marketing needs.

“Steve’s experience through the Maine Arts Council will provide a perfect blend of information for artists and performers and any business who can use new and refresher information,” Grassette said.

The workshop will also provide networking opportunities for local businesses that share like needs, and may possibly use each other’s services as a business-to-business event.

The marketing workshop is Teaberry Art Council’s first event. Originally scheduled for Jan. 6, it was postponed to Jan. 13 due to an ice storm.

“Hopefully it helps artists, as well as businesses,” Grassette said.

If there are businesses that need artwork logos and other things, he said there will be some options for that. 

Teaberry Arts Council was formed in September to create an organized and diverse artistic culture in Western Maine’s foothill communities by uniting current and future groups concerned with visual and performing arts.

Grassette is the interim board president. Other officers include Susan Puiia Deroehn as vice president, Barb Radmore as secretary, Deanna Kersey as treasurer, and board members are Liz Murphy, Bruce Farrin and Diane Gaudreau.

Grassette said they chose to name their nonprofit organization after teaberries, which are a regional plant native to Western Maine.

Teaberries are unique, colorful and sweet and were used for medicinal purposes by Native Americans. The leaves are one of the few that remain vibrant green year round.

He said the Teaberry Arts Council is a four-season organization.

“It is unique, colorful and has a medicinal effect in our local culture and economy,” Grassette said.

The council envisions a united coalition of local artists, performers, interested organizations and individuals working together to continuously enhance the arts through programs, classes, performances and events.

“We envision an artistic community where events are coordinated and styled to coincide and enhance each other, while improving the local economy by keeping locals here, and attracting visitors who purchase food, fuel, and goods,” he said. “We see youth being mentored and encouraged to participate in the arts, and we see a community growing in a culturally diverse environment.”

Opportunities will be available for anyone who would like to donate to and/or join The Teaberry Arts Council. For more information, contact Grassette at 369-0129 or visit or write him at [email protected].

[email protected]

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