Know to his classmates in Mountain Valley High School’s Class of 2009 as Teejay, SPC Todd Sinclair is currently on active duty in the U.S. Army. He is stationed at Fort Bliss, TX. SPC Sinclair is an electrician and armament repairer on the Apache longbow helicopter. He has used those skills during two deployments to Afghanistan, first during 2010 to 2011 for 12 months and again from January to October 2013.

Stateside, SPC Sinclair has been stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, and will move to Fort Carson, CO in April.

Joining the Army was like going into the family business. SPC Sinclair explained, “Everyone in my family has been in the military so joining for me was just the next step to adulthood. It helped me grow up and realize a lot of things and because of my training I will be able to have a great career when I decide to get out.”

He wants people back home to understand that the evening news doesn’t necessarily cover everything.

“Even when you don’t see things on the news about Afghanistan and things going on in the Middle East that does not mean that they have stopped,” SPC Sinclair said. “Always do what you can to help us out over there with your support. Even the little stickers on the back of your cars mean something to us when we get home and see them.”

He urges readers to send care packages to those who serve overseas.

SPC Sinclair explained, “There is not much I need for support now that I am back from Afghanistan for the second time. But there are many great programs out there that you can adopt a platoon and send care packages overseas. Especially with the closing of many bases over there, some soldiers are limited to the things they can purchase so care packages are our only way of getting things we need.” and are just a two of the many organizations that can get care packages to soldiers, sailors, airmen or Marines. For more information, read

Many people think of the service members during the holiday season. While that is certainly appreciated, those service members serve 365 days a year and need to be remembered at other times.

SPC Sinclair is the son of Todd Sinclair of New Gloucester and Jennifer Casey of Turner. He also appreciates the support from his step parents, Heather Sinclair and Daniel Casey.

If you know of a MVHS alumnus who is currently serving their country or has recently finished their enlistment, please contact Donna Peare at [email protected]