The RSU 10 Board of Directors is beginning the process to create a budget for school-year 2014-15. A comprehensive budget timeline has been established and can be viewed on the district home page at:

The budget timeline spans from January to June and includes times and dates to obtain information on student academic programming, food service, transportation, and facilities, and all other components of the budget. Those are all public meetings.

Those people who have students enrolled in RSU 10 may want to follow the budget process to learn more about how it affects their children’s education. Those people who do not have children in school might be interested in following the process to learn more about how the schools of RSU 10 are a valuable asset for our communities.

Our ultimate goal is to create a responsible, sensible budget that provides a quality education for our young people.

It is my hope that our budget process will not only be transparent, but also provide the broader community the opportunity to participate in creating a quality school system.

Craig King, Dixfield

Superintendent of Schools, RSU 10

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