Police arrested Jerome Hudson, 43, of 77 Rideout Ave. as he hid near an apartment building on Cram Avenue less than a mile away from the shooting.

“There was a report from neighbors there, that there was a guy hiding,” Lt. Michael McGonagle said. “He actually surrendered. He saw the police surrounding his location and gave up.”

No injuries were reported. Police are not releasing the intended victim’s name.

Hudson shares an apartment in the Hillview complex with the intended victim’s children and their mother, McGonagle said.

“There was an argument between him and the victim, and Mr. Hudson came out with a gun and shot at the victim,” McGonagle said.

The shooting occurred about 8 a.m.

Three shots were fired from a handgun before Hudson fled. The intended victim got into his car and drove to the Lewiston Police Station.

“We had received several calls prior to him arriving,” McGonagle said. “We had 911 calls from residents and as we were responding to it as a shooting, he walks into the front lobby.”

Police blanketed the area from Rideout Avenue west, looking for Hudson. They called for a lockdown at local day care centers, including the Headstart program at the Hillview Community Center.

McMahon Elementary School, more than a mile north of the shooting area and across Sabattus Street, was in a “code yellow” lockdown after the shooting. That meant students were hurried into the school upon arrival and kept indoors. The code-yellow lockdown ended at 8:55 a.m. Monday.

Police tape blocked the parking lot around Building No. 5.

At 9: 55 a.m. police armed with tactical rifles and a police dog were called in to search the area from Building 5 south along Hillside Lane. The police dog led officers in the front of unit 2 in Building 15, at the corner of Cole Street and Hillside Lane, and out the back. The search ended in the parking lot behind Building 5 and police dog returned to the lot around Building 5.

As many as 10 officers were on the scene at one point, but the majority cleared the area at about 10:30 a.m. The parking lot remained closed with four officers on the scene.

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