FARMINGTON — Several areas in the new $64 million Mt. Blue Campus had buckets catching water leaking through the roof Tuesday night.

“It really has been a nightmare,” RSU 9 Superintendent Tom Ward told the school board. Whenever you have a skylight, a roof vent or an opening, you are asking for problems and there are a lot of skylights, he said.

Leaks were occurring in the gym and lobby, he said.

There is ice and snow building up and water cannot get to the drains, he said.

The roofing company is coming to see what can be done. The roof is under warranty and the company is responsible to pay for any damage, but there has been none yet, he said.

The campus roof is being tested with some of the worst weather in a long time, he said.

“The major thing is it is under warranty,” Ward said.

If there is a flaw anywhere, water is going to find its way in, he said.

A multi-year addition and renovation project at the campus that houses Mt. Blue High School and Foster Career and Technical Education was completed last fall.

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