MEXICO — The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously Tuesday to post a temporary “Children Playing” sign on Parker Street.

June Milledge, owner of Precious Cargo Daycare, said she wanted a sign to be posted on Parker Street to “increase the safety of the children being dropped off.

“I don’t really need a sign for when we’re playing outside,” she said. “I need it more for when the parents are dropping off the kids, or picking them up, because sometimes, the kids go up over the stairs and dart across the road. There are so many times when there are cars coming up the road, and they travel quite fast through there.”

Milledge said she’s worried that a child might get hit if there’s no warning sign.

Board Chairman Richie Philbrick asked selectmen whether the town could “stick a temporary sign up on something that’s already there. With the way the weather is right now, it’d be awfully hard to get a new sign in.”

Town Clerk Penny Duguay said there was a bus stop sign on Parker Street that could temporarily hold a “Children Playing” sign until the weather improves.

Selectmen voted to do so.

In other business, selectmen presented a plaque recognizing former police Chief James Theriault for 22 years of service to the town.

Theriault retired Friday after more than 40 years in law enforcement.

After accepting the award from Philbrick, Theriault smiled and said, “You guys got me again.”

Selectmen also approved taxi cab renewals for Road Hog Express and EZ Taxi, and a liquor license renewal for Oakdale Country Club.

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